About the LDAA

The Louisiana District Attorneys Association (LDAA) is a not-for-profit organization created in 1973 to promote the orderly administration of justice, assist District Attorneys and Assistant District Attorneys with their mutual problems, and provide them a platform with which to meet and discuss shared concerns and goals. Since then, it has expanded to assist with all levels of services associated with the office of the District Attorney through training and liaison work to research and technical development. 

The affairs of the Association are managed by a seventeen member Board of Directors. The Executive Director of the LDAA and the president of the District Attorney Investigators’ Section serve as non-voting members of the Board. Directors devote at least one day each month to meeting in Baton Rouge, or at other sites in the State, to address issues which affect the entire membership.

Our Mission

To improve Louisiana's justice system and the office of District Attorney by enhancing the effectiveness and professionalism of Louisiana's District Attorneys and their staffs through education, legislative involvement, liaison, and information sharing.

Our Core Values

We believe that the Louisiana Constitution requires, and Louisiana citizens favor, locally-elected, independent prosecutors. We believe that prosecutor discretion must be protected from interference through manipulative funding or legislative restrictions. Finally, we believe that prosecutors are the best and most trustworthy resource for legislative improvements to the criminal justice system.

LDAA Staff

Loren Lampert - Executive Director
Zachary Daniels - Deputy Director
Roxanne Barrios Juneau - Assistant Director
London Hyorth - Executive Assistant
Toni Menard - IV-D Staff Attorney
Jacqueline Sanchez - Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor
Dale Polozola - Director of Information Systems
Joey LeBeau - Project Manager
Bruce Burge - Application Developer
Pat Carey - Accountant
Toni Zito - Research / Compliance Coordinator
Debbie Wagley - DART Secretary 
Wanjennia Atkins - Victim Services Liaison / Training Assistant