Drug Asset Recovery Team

The D.A.R.T.

The D.A.R.T. (Drug Asset Recovery Team) Project began in 1990. A federal grant was procured by the Louisiana District Attorneys Association to implement the amendment to the State Constitution providing for civil forfeitures of drug-related property, and the implementing statutory provision, The Controlled Dangerous Substances Property Forfeiture Act of 1989.

The project is made up of one attorney and one support staff personnel and has expanded its activities over the years to include assisting districts with RICO actions, money laundering cases, search and seizure training, use of the Electronic Surveillance Act, and drug-related nuisance abatement actions.

D.A.R.T. assists agencies at all levels from investigations through appeals, but its main function is training and as a clearinghouse for forfeiture and other narcotic-related matters.

DartReport2020-emailmstdhdThe Dispatch (DART Report) - Contains drug asset recovery and forfeiture news.

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