Victim Assistance Program

Victim Assistance Program

The Louisiana District Attorneys Association Victim Assistance Program shall have the following goals: to constantly improve the professional standards of Louisiana Victim Assistance Coordinators (VACs) through education; to further members' knowledge of crime victims' needs and serve those needs to the best of the members' abilities; to improve the plight of victims throughout the judicial process; to assist Louisiana VACs and Prosecutors with the implementation and delivery of constitutionally guaranteed victim's rights; to serve the needs of Louisiana VACs, both personally and professionally; to promote good fellowship among Louisiana VACs; and to serve as a liaison to encourage a collaborative effort between different agencies in the areas of victims rights.

The LDAA is committed to helping victims of crime receive all the services provided by the law. The LDAA has produced a video designed to provide crime victims with a basic understanding of the criminal justice process, with the hope that a better understanding will ease their way through the difficult process. For more information, contact LDAA Headquarters at (225) 343-0171. For information on Victim Services click here.

The Buzz

The LDAA Victim-Witness Assistance Newsletter

Artboard 1 copy 3The Buzz (VAC Newsletter) - Contains training opportunities updates and helpful information to victim assistance coordinators, prosecutors and staff who directly serve victims of crime.

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