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LDAA Sponsored Training

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2021-2022 Training Season Theme: Justice Integrity

    As public servants, we are keepers of the public’s trust. It is essential that our conduct be transparent and accountable. However, with the day-to-day responsibilities of serving the public and tirelessly working to keep the community safe, it is easy to forget that this relationship requires maintenance like any other. 
    Justice integrity is dependent upon the ebbs and flows of the strength of the relationship between public servants and the people we serve. Our ability to do our job effectively requires going out into the community and interacting with its citizens in a way that is productive and reliable. If those citizens do not trust that our cause is just or in the best interests of the public, then we cannot expect to be effective in our cause.
    It is our responsibility to maintain the bridge that connects what we do for the public and how they perceive our efforts. Transparency is central to that. We adopt best practices, cultivate stakeholder cooperation and promote agency parity in service of public safety and advancement. We participate in community outreach events that expose us directly to the people we serve. When we provide opportunities for the public to see our mission as positive, we can rely on them to advance those goals as well. Only then can we have justice integrity.

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Open and Co-Sponsored Trainings
2022 SELA DWI Task Force and LDAA Training  |  $10

January 14, 2022  |  Copeland Tower  |  Metairie, LA
Limit 100 Attendees  |  Registration is open to elected district attorneys, assistant district attorneys, judges, judicial staff, city court prosecutors, and law enforcement.

Highway Interdiction and Drug Asset Forfeiture POST Certification Seminar |  $50

January 20-21, 2022
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel  |  Lafayette, LA

2022 Desert Snow - Criminal Interdiction Workshop  |  SAVE THE DATES!
February 1-3, 2022
LDAA Headquarters  |  Baton Rouge, LA

LDAA Investigation and Prosecution of Drugged Driver in Louisiana  |  FREE TO ATTEND

February 7-9, 2022 
Baton Rouge, LA 

LDAA 44th Annual Conference  |  SAVE THE DATES!
June 26-30, 2022
Sandestin Resort  |  Miramar Beach, FL 

LDAA 2022 Fall Seminar |  SAVE THE DATES!
December 14-16, 2022
New Orleans Marriott Warehouse Arts District  |  New Orleans, LA